What excites me every morning arriving in the office and turning on my computer, is what new newsletter from the technical sites I subscribe to will bring to my morning coffee. Maybe a firmware update to a camera, an Adobe update to Premiere Pro or After FX. Pure indulgence for my early morning starts.

Two of us from We Are Content attended the Abobe symposium here in Sydney at the ICC and we were two amongst several thousand. Wow. What a turn out and the event itself was fun, informative and of course filled with new tech!

Featured this year were two main apps, XD, which if you are a current Adobe user will have all the new updates and promos for this app in your inbox.

The next was something new…Sensei – Adobe’s new artificial intelligence (AI).

Now, this folks is exciting. We got see live demos and all the apps that Sensei will work with. What exactly is Sensei? Well, Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you to discover hidden opportunities, make tedious processes faster and offers relevant experiences to every customer. Put simply, Adobe Sensei helps you to work better, smarter and and more efficiently in the creative suite.

The best part was the live demo of Sensei used with Premiere Pro. Imagine that you’ve just finished a wonderful creative piece of 90 seconds content and now you need to do a 15 second cut down. Usually, we would take a few hours and edit the 90 seconds down to a social media friendly 15 but with Sensei, all you have to do is engage Sensei and seconds later you have your cut down in a new timeline (or sequence) ready to either export or make necessary changes.

That’s at least 3 hours saved per piece of content…just imagine the implications!