It’s been a manic September/ October for us; constantly pitching and shooting everything from TVCs to corporate content.

The funny thing is, we all strive for the sexier bigger budget TVCs but every now and again a small corporate job with a microscopic budget comes along and reminds me why I got into film-making in the first place.

We’re talking about a 2 man crew, small lighting kit, 2 cameras, one for the action, the other for B-Roll, a gimbal, a slider and sticks. It was the very definition of guerilla film-making. Robert Rodriguez would have felt right at home.

I directed and camera assisted for Rob. Rob, lord of the multi-taskers, got into character very easily as he played Producer, DOP on two cameras, grip, gaffer and still managed to also do sound. And with no money for the obligatory drone shot we improvised by using a forklift and a cage attached to a pellet to hoist Rob in the air to capture the money shot.

We had the perverse honour of capturing the very last Victa Mower coming off the assembly line at their now obsolete, Moorebank facility. Like many good narratives there has to be a little redemption at the end. And yes in few weeks time we’ve been invited to shoot the very first Victa coming off the assembly line at their new plant in Hemps Creek. Ah, the circle of life!


And to top it off we were only informed of the shoot the day before whilst on another shoot. So, yes there was plenty of adrenaline going on as well as us being forced to wing it at the shoot without a recce. Sometimes we forget what it’s like to make decisions on the run. It becomes an exhilarating experience and can emancipate you as a filmmaker.

However with no time for playback on the day we just had to wait, like the good old analogue days to see the rushes the next day.

This week’s question of the week is:

When was the last time you got your grass cut…with a Victa mower of course?